Learn music
with your Midi Instrument

Apply everything you learn at your instrument in real-time

MidiCircuit is an interactive learning experience designed for musicians that combines both educational and interactive content into one user friendly package.

midicircuit and ableton push lesson interaction demo

Learn using your instrument

The instrument is your learning tool, through the use of USB and MIDI communication between the app and the device. Offering you an immersive learning experience.

Hands on learning experience

Instead of passively watching videos or reading articles. Midicircuit gives you an interactive learning experience in which you will use your instrument to solve the exercises (circuits) showing you how to effectively use your device.

Master your Device having fun

Midicircuit offers interactive lessons and challenges that will not only teach you musical principles and how to correctly use your instrument but will also let you have fun and keep track of your progress.
Keeping you engaged in the learning process.


"I'm a Software Engineer and a music producer releasing songs under the name TXBROWN. I wanted to build Midicircuit out of personal experience and frustration and seeing people in online platforms struggling with getting the most out of their midi instruments."


"I am a Designer with an interest in all things music and a beginner myself when it comes to making beats. We're trying to bring innovative and interactive ways of learning music for all of us (myself included) and I can't wait to show you a magical experience”

We are on a mission to give you the best music learning experience

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